MP4 file have jerky video or video stops but audio continues on the MPLAY-HD or MPLAY-HD Net

There is a known issue with current firmware of the MPLAY-HD where certain MP4 files, because of the way they are encoded, will have one of the two following problems:

  • Slightly jerky video that is mostly noticeable during slow panning scenes. Audio is normal and the video otherwise plays fine.
  • Video stops playing after a specific time but audio continues. The time at which the video stops is consistent and there may be issues when trying to fast forward, rewind, or using the GOTO function while video is playing.

Most MP4 files will playback fine on the MPLAY-HD and should not exhibit any of the above issues. However, these video playback issues are being worked on to be resolved in a future firmware release.

As a work-around, we recommend MP4 files be remuxed into MKV files for flawless playback. This process is quick and does not result in any loss of video/audio quality or features. Please refer to our video remuxing FAQ for additional details.

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